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Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Gała i Wspólnicy Spółka komandytowa (limited partnership) was founded in 2012. The law firm was created by friends and professionals with passion for law and willingness to share their knowledge and experience in various areas of law.

Legal advisor Paweł Gała Ph.D.


He is a tutor at the Department of Agricultural Law and Spatial Management of the Silesia University in Katowice. He is the author of numerous: speeches, articles, monographs, and also the co-author of domestic and foreign publications. These publications mostly concern professional passions of the author: agricultural law, intellectual property law and law of new technologies. He also participates in works towards amendments of agricultural legislation.

He combines a scientific and a practical approach to solving legal problems.

In his spare time, he likes to take active leisure (producing his own organic food), travels and reads.

The values that have guided our business since the beginning are unchangeable. The most important thing for us is to respond to our Clients’ problems quickly, reliably and professionally. We care about building long-term relationships with Clients. We comply with ethical principles, ensuring absolute professional secrecy and applying transparent cooperation rules.


Among our Clients there are: entrepreneurs from industry including modern technologies, agricultural market and food processing (including alcohol products), e-commerce, as well as entities involved in the creation and implementation of intellectual goods.

However, the law firm does not consist solely of its partners. It is also a team of young, talented and ambitious people. The rich and varied professional experience of the partners allowed us to create a group of people committed to work, able to cooperate with one another, and also to specialize in specific areas of law. People eager to gain knowledge.


At work, we speak both Polish and English.


We offer complete services within the scope of legal services for entrepreneurs, from preparing legal concept of the entity’s performance, through the day-to-day legal consultancy within the framework of current structure. Depending Client’s needs, we offer either agreement on permanent legal service or separate commission contracts.

We specialize in:

      • Within this scope, we render legal service related to the creation of companies and on-going attendance, in particular:
          • we advise on optimal type of company, bearing in mind the profile of intended or conducted business acivity;
          • we attend the process of company’s creation and registration;
          • we prepare, implement and supervise the creation of internal procedures, regulations, resolutions, management contracts, supporting the company authority’s sessions;
          • we conduct the process of companies’ merger, division and conversion;
          • we conduct audits in the framework of corporate supervision and the following transactions: conversion, acquisition, merger, purchase of shares and stocks;
          • we advise on company’s costs re-engineering
          • we advise on company’s indebtedness re-engineering and the preservation of company’s assets, as well as associates’ and board members’ wealth;
          • we conduct legal processes in the area of company’s capital increase, compulsory and voluntary buyout of shares and stocks, purchase of shares and stocks, the exit of associate or shareholder;
      • Within the scope of legal consultancy, we conduct in particular the following:
            • we prepare drafts of all types of contracts;
            • we give opinions on drafts of all types of contracts;
            • we participate in negotiations aiming at entering into agreement;
            • we act as legal representatives in all types of disputes resulting from contracual provisions, during pre-litigation phase and court action or arbitration;
            • we assist in prosecuting claims resulting from contracts.
        • Agricultural law constitutes one of our law firm main specializations. Within this scope, above all:
              • we prepare, negotiate and implement the stipulations of agricultural contracts, including mandatory agricultural products acquisition contracts;
              • we render service within the scope of intellectual property rights protection in the area of agriculture;
              • we advise on optimal form of legal organization and creation of agricultural producers’ groups, as well as attending them on a daily basis;
              • we advise on legal actions related to agricultural real estate transactions;
              • we render service within the prosecution of claims resulting from shooting damage;
              • we deal with legal aspects of agricultural products’ transactions, as well as launching them on the market and the protection of biotechnological products.
        • Our law firm renders legal service in the framework of competition and consumer protection law, in particular, but not limited to, the following branches: IT, e-commerce, grocery.Within this scope, we deal with the following:
              • giving opinion on contracts, regulations (including online shops regulations) and standard terms and conditions;
              • protection against acts of unfair competition;
              • unfair advertising;
              • abusive clauses;
              • acting as legal representative before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, in explanatory and supervisory proceedings, as well as in disputes.
        • We advise on all legal aspects of intellectual property law (copyright and related rights, industrial property rights, plant protection exclusive rights, know-how). We deal with preparing legal opinions, represent Clients in disputes ath their pre-court stage, we render service in the proces of drafting and negotiating contracts.The scope of service offered covers in particular the following:
              • preparation and giving opinion on contracts related to the transfer of intellectual property rights and proper licence agreements;
              • legal advice rendered to authors, producers and music publishers;
              • rendering service for newspaper editors (including Internet editors);
              • representig Clients in the process of executing claims, including litigations realated to infringement of intangible assets.
        • We gained experience within this scope while rendering day-to-day service for the benefit of one of Polish soccer clubs. The following are among our activities:
              • preparing and giving opinions on contracts with players, trainers, activists;
              • transfer legal service;
              • preparing and giving opinions on sponsoring contracts;
              • acting as players’ and sport clubs’ legal representatives towards Polish and international sport associations, before supervisory and administrative authorities, as well as in court proceedings.
        • Within this scope, we deal with the following:
              • drafting employment contracts, non-competition agreements, management contracts, civil law contracts (specific works contracts, mandatory contracts) and giving opinions on such documents;
              • drafting the following: work regulations, rules of renumeration and bonus, work place social fund regulations, collective labour agreements;
              • representing interests of employers, as well as employees, in all types of disputes related to employment relationship;
              • supporting employers in all types of negotiations, including those with trade unions, shop stewards and in proceedings conducted by supervisory authorities.

Our law firm renders complex service in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy law. We analyze economic standing of the company, giving advice on optimal insolvency or bankruptcy proceeding strategy. We act as legal representatives for both: creditors and debtors. We prepare board of directors to submit insolvency petitions and we give support in the course of court action as well as during negotiations with creditors.

Furthermore, we help our Clients to wind up entities no longer reaching their economic purposes. We participate in the opening of liquidations, appointing liquidators, conduction liquidation process till removing the entity from the register of companies, tax and statistical office.

      • We help to seek compensation:
                • for communicative damages (including injury to person and material loss);
                • for medical errors;
                • for damages to real estate (commercial and residential);
                • for damages to all types of machinery and equipment, including building machinery and construction site equipment;
                • for hail, drought and other atmospheric agents resulting in agricultural damage – from insurance policies;
                • for workplace accidents;
                • for delayed or canceled flights, as well as for lost luggage – from airlines;
                • for shooting damages;
                • resulting from hazardous product liability;

In the framework of service rendered, our law firm offers complex debt collection support. The experienced we have gained so far enables us to act promptly and in an efficacious way at all stages, starting from amicable solutions, judicial and enforcement proceedings against both legal and natural persons. For our Clients, we prepare documents at pre-court stage, as well as pleadings, and we act as their legal representatives before court.



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ul. Olchowa 13

43-170 Łaziska Górne, POLAND


 tel.: +48 32 3406680
 tel./fax: +48 32 2434027



Clients are welcome from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.